Welcome to my website! My name is Alexa and I have had dandruff for more than 15 years now. Luckily for me, most of it now history.

I’ve wasted plenty of time trying to find methods on how to get rid of dandruff. After struggling for a long time, I have decided to do my own research and tried out pretty much everything under the sun.

I’m happy to say that I’ve managed to control my dandruff situation to a point where it’s completely gone! I’ve managed to find a routine that works for and I have heard plenty of feedback from others that it’s worked for them as well. Just know that everyone reacts differently to anti-dandruff products and treatments. It’s just a matter of time!

You can achieve this, too!

Be sure to read up as much information as you can. Make informed decisions on which anti-dandruff treatments and shampoos you want to try. Once you stick to a routine, you will get rid of dandruff in no time.

What’s the Purpose of the Website?

I have dedicated this website to the readers who were once in my shoes and do not know what to do. My goal is to help as many people as I can through sharing information, reviews and personal experiences.

I have done years of research and I am happy to share all the knowledge that I have accumulated over the years. If you feel lost or need someone to talk to, please do not hesitate to leave comments or contact me directly.

If you have any serious skin conditions or if you are experiencing any pains, please seek advice from a dermatologist immediately. There is no compromise when it comes to personal health.

How I Write My Articles

Having dandruff personally gives me a lot of motivation to write as much content as possible, in order to help others. I’ve often lost hope during my journey and thought that I would never be able to control the embarrassing dandruff outbreaks.

The articles featured on this website are all written by me and draw upon my own experiences and tons of research. I try to remain as factual as possible and only using anecdotal experiences when I feel it could be motivational or beneficial to my readers.

The contents of this website include:

  • Dandruff Guides
  • Product Reviews
  • Research on Dandruff
  • Diet Recipes
  • Personal Expriences

I will only write content with the aim to educate my readers, who are trying to get rid of dandruff.

How I Conduct My Reviews

On certain sections of the website, you will find various product reviews. All reviews are written by me exclusively. I will only write a review on products that I have personally tested.

My reviews will contain some researched facts on some of the ingredients, as well as my personal opinion on the product itself and the effects it had on me.

I receive many encouraging comments and emails about the information I share. I truly appreciate them and it encourages me to write more. From time to time I may include other people’s opinions on certain products.

I hope that you enjoy reading the material on this website and I am positive that it can help you overcome dandruff!

I have created an ultimate guide on how to get rid of dandruff. You can start your journey there. All the best!