How To Hide Dandruff

Are you looking for creative ideas on how to hide dandruff? I assume that you have already done a little research on what dandruff is and what dandruff is caused by.

Getting rid of dandruff can be quite a chore. But if you invest a little more time in understanding it, it can be a breeze. There are many ways to control dandruff to a manageable level where it goes unnoticed to the public. There is a lot that we can do to treat dandruff. However, it can take up a lot of time and also requires certain products and preparation.

But on certain occasions, you need to think ahead. Especially if you were as unlucky as I was. In my younger days, I had to deal with uncontrollable dandruff breakouts. This led to me scratching my itchy scalp and frantically combing my hair to avoid anyone noticing the dry flakes.

Do not worry! There is always a solution!

If you are interested in learning some tips and tricks on how to hide dandruff, then please take this opportunity to read on and feel free to leave comments or questions below.

Use a Good Hairbrush

Get a good bristle hairbrush for the following reasons. Firstly, thoroughly brushing your hair regularly helps to get rid of dead skin, dirt, and product build-up.

This is extremely important if you use any hair products like gels, creams, sprays or pomades. I’ve made the mistake of using too much hairspray at one point. After a few hours, the product hardened on my scalp. It started peeling off looking like dandruff when in actual fact it was just product built up.

Secondly, a good hairbrush also helps to distribute the natural oil (sebum) and other products that you applied throughout your hair and scalp. A good brush is not very costly and can save your day. I always keep a hairbrush in my bag once I leave my house, just in case.

Use a Fine-Tooth Comb

I know men usually don’t like to use brushes as much, I can totally understand that. They are slightly big and clunky. For people who don’t like using hair brushes, I recommend using a fine-tooth comb.

Fine-tooth combs ensure that product build up, dead skin and dirt are cleaned from your hair with minimal effort. I always advise keeping at least a hairbrush or a comb in your bag or handbag when leaving the house. It can save you from embarrassing dandruff moments.

Wear Light-Colored Clothing

If you have severe dandruff, I recommend that you wear light-colored clothing. As dandruff gets stuck in your hair, most of it will eventually fall on your clothes.

Wearing dark-colored clothing causes the dandruff flakes to be noticeable. Over the years I have found what works best for me in controlling my dandruff. Currently, I wear any type of colors. However, I do like to stay away from very dark colors, as even the smallest white flakes become noticeable.

Eventually, once you get your dandruff under control, the color of your clothing is not really that important. For that reason, I don’t recommend you to change your wardrobe, but perhaps be selective when it comes to wearing clothes.

Woman with long hair wearing a white top

Dye Your Hair Lighter

I guess women have more of an advantage here, as they quite frequently change the color of their hair. My natural hair color is dark brown. It is dark enough to make the smallest dandruff flakes visible. Many years back, I decided to dye my hair light brown. I did this because I didn’t know how to control my dandruff and I was also getting random outbreaks. This helped with hiding my dandruff initially, but once I got my dandruff under control, dying my hair was no longer necessary.

If you are still in the phase of figuring out what dandruff treatments work best for you, you can always resort to dying your hair to a lighter color. But please note that this will only be a temporary solution.

Woman with blond hair blowing in the wind

Adjust Your Hair in the Restroom

Dandruff may just be an irritation and annoyance at home. Once you leave your house, especially with other people you will have a tendency to become very self-conscious.

The most embarrassing moments are when a stranger or even a friend tells me that I have something stuck in my hair and then pulls out a big white flake. Embarrassing!

A good tip to avoid getting into this type of situation is to head to the restroom once in a while. There, simply adjust your hair. You can use your hands, a good quality bristle brush or a fine-tooth comb. Brush or comb the flakes out, give it a good shake and you’re good to go!

Woman adjusting her hair in front of a mirror

Pick a Shorter Hairstyle

Let’s face it, short hairstyles for men are fairly common! If you are a guy, having a shorter hairstyle can hide your dandruff, as there is less hair for dandruff to get stuck on. This gets a little tricky for women, as most women prefer to have long hair. If you are like me and prefer to have long hair instead, I suggest that you choose a voluminous hairstyle. It can work wonders in hiding dandruff.

I also have to mention that maintaining shorter hair, especially when having dandruff is much easier. In my case, I would probably spend a little more time but rather have long hair. But that may just be me. Each to their own!

Woman with a short hairstyle

How to Hide Dandruff For Men

Many of my male friends who come to me for advice ask me how they can hide dandruff. Hats, caps or beanies do a great job, as they usually cover the majority of your hair. I also recommend a hairstyle that is either relatively short or is voluminous. Just remember that the longer the hair, the more areas dandruff can get stuck on.

Side parting hairstyles also seem to work, as most of your hair will be covered by the upper layers.

Hairstyles that are generally hard to maintain such as dreadlocks, cornrows or braids you may want to stay away from. Not only do the flakes get stuck and are harder to remove, but applying dandruff treatment to these hairstyles is much harder.

Man with short hair sitting on a chair

How to Hide Dandruff for Women

Women have a little more flexibility when it comes to fashion I believe. They are generally carrying around more accessories.

In my handbag, I always make sure that I have a high-quality bristle brush or a fine-tooth comb to get rid of dandruff flakes on my hair. There was a period of time where I used to wear a light colored scarf to catch falling dandruff and prevent it falling onto my clothes.

I personally do not like having short hair but I completely understand women who do. There is much less maintenance involved. I always try to look for solutions in my life that do not require me to completely change my lifestyle. I always believe that there is a solution for everything, you just have to look in the right places.

A few friends of mine who had severe dandruff due to a skin condition have resorted to occasionally wearing wigs. Don’t panic, this is not necessary but it was more of a personal choice for them. For women like me who prefer to have long hair, I suggest opting for a more voluminous hairstyle. It does a fantastic job of hiding dandruff flakes beneath the top layers.

For hairstyle inspirations, you can check these out!

How to Hide Dandruff with Treatments

A better way of hiding dandruff is actually treating it with homes remedies, natural oils, and anti-dandruff shampoos. What works for some may not necessarily work for others. That is why I always recommend reading up as much information as you can. Always be ready to test out new methods and products.

Hiding Dandruff with Natural Treatments

There are many types of natural treatments that work to control dandruff. I have personally had the most success with Tea Tree Oil and Apple Cider Vinegar. Tea Tree Oil is said to have anti-fungal properties and is therefore useful against dandruff [1]. Apple Cider Vinegar is also said to aid in treating dandruff by removing some of the unwanted bacteria [2].

Hiding Dandruff with Shampoos

A shampoo that is really working well for me is Nizoral A-D Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, due to the ketoconazole ingredient which is also anti-fungal.

Another shampoo that I use a lot is Neutrogena T/Gel Therapeutic Shampoo. It contains salicylic acid. There are many shampoos on the market and I urge everyone to do a little testing. You may want to try more than just one so that you can see which one works the best for you. What might work for me may not necessarily work for you. A trial and error approach is sometimes required.

However, the two shampoos listed above seems to work for the majority of people, from the feedback I have received so far.


I hope you enjoyed this article and that it gave you some creative ideas on how to hide dandruff. I believe that there are always solutions for everything and everyone. It just depends on how creative you get and how well you adapt to situations.

Please feel free to leave comments or questions below. I’m happy to answer as much as I can!

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